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Education Monitor 2021: Migration Background • Profiling Institute

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of Education Monitor 2021 has, among other things, with development educational policy Greeting integration in the German education system Pupils with a migrant background offers. Question what effect on socioeconomic background on any skills and qualifications.

The close connection between socio-economic background and educational success

How can parents help with homework?

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It is in Germany own educational qualifications strong from dependent parents. Children are more likely to study if their parents already have one academic title be able to show On the contrary, the probability that the child will attend secondary school is significantly higher, even if the parents do not have more graduation Properties. This is confirmed by numerous studies – including PISA survey 2018 – already multiple times social background plays the existence of one migration background an important role. Because sizes are migration background and social background highly correlated.

Interns with a migration background

Development of the number of primary school pupils

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More and more people with a migrant background live in Germany. In 2019, their share of the total German population was 21.2 million people to 26%. That means one compared to 2008 rise from 7%. Given that the share of people with a migration background in Age range below 15 years is particularly high, special attention should be paid Integration of these participants into the educational system lay.

This is shown by the educational monitor bad education often with one migration background is connected. For this reason, the education system must targeted measure take steps to support the integration of students with migration experiences and dependencies, equal opportunity opposeto solve.

Education Monitor 2021: Migration background – current developments

By 2013, the education monitor was able to demonstrate improvement in terms of integration into the German education system. However, it has increased since then negative development. For example, dropout rate between 2000 and 2013, the number of international students fell from around 20% to 11%. In 2019 however, according to the current status, it is included again 17.6%.

and Eligible rate for foreign graduates per year 2019 lies according to 15.8% and it improved slightly compared to 2000, but at the current margin the education monitor is already on again easy waste record. Including current corona crisis it is necessary to separately address the position of students with a migration background.

Education Monitor 2021: Migration background of students and the coronavirus crisis

In order to keep the effects of social origin as low as possible, the literature mentions long after participation in more outdoors early childhood education Required. At the same time already at the age of motherhood exchange with peers Important. Especially for children from a migrant background, the exchange with other children plays a huge role. Then Home will be often no german spoken. authors criticize For this reason, among other things, it increases when children do not attend kindergarten, but between the ages of three and sixn be cared for at home. between children with a migrant background are full in 2019 19%while almost all children of the same age without a migration background outside the home they are cared for.

However, the corona crisis ended in 2020 closures and kindergartens and day care centers. As a part locking it also happened again closing schools. So there was another one missed regular classes there is also a lack of opportunities for students of migrant origin language skills improve with peers. Although the Education Monitor 2021 concludes that presence still no empirically supported claims O the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on area of ​​integration In order to do this, the authors of the study assume far-reaching problems in this scope. If we consider the empirically proven fact that Mothers of about 12% of children under the age of 12 he doesn’t speak german wellfirst understanding concerning Difficulties in home education to be prophesied.

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