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Ebay classifieds is getting new features – and a new name

The name of the online marketplace Advertising on Ebay Changes. In addition, the portal will get some new features and settings for user security. We explain the background.

Popular online classifieds marketplace eBay is changing its name. one Press Release according to the portal, in the future they should only be called “advertisements”. The address through which users can access the website is also converted to “Kleinanzeige.de”.

The look of eBay ads will change from 2024

The reason for the name change is the sale of the parent company eBay advertisements in 2021. Since then, the online portal belongs to the Norwegian group adevinta, which now holds the largest stake in the American company Ebay.

As part of the settlement, the parties agreed that the online marketplace would only retain its full name for the next three years. The website and logo will remain in place until June 2024.

More security for the online marketplace

In addition to shortening the name, Ebay classifieds are also getting some new features. For example, the portal should have the possibility to “buy directly” in the future. Sellers who provide fixed-price offers can thus close a deal without first exchanging direct messages with buyers.

Platform users can The “secure payment” function. use. This process takes place directly on the portal. Part of the amount to be paid thus goes to Ebay. Overall, the company wants users to handle the entire sales and purchase process this way.

However, users of the online marketplace should still be able to complete sales with each other using cash or other forms of payment without the involvement of advertisements. New security measures are also being adopted for payment transactions. For example, the platform will implement two-factor authentication in the future. This is to limit fake offers that run under a fake identity.

No more phone numbers on eBay listings

The “Phone numbers” button should disappear completely in the future. Previously, users could decide for themselves whether they wanted to store this contact information. However, there has been an increase in phishing incidents in the past. The company wants to fight back.

This means users can still exchange phone numbers in direct messages, but Ebay wants to display more warnings when users type a multi-digit sequence of numbers into the message field. The same should apply to email addresses.

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