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Dual studies in Germany – an overview

AND dual study in Germany – as he sees current Counting out? That changed with this question CHE recently in publication busy and during this in addition to discretion the entire Federal Republic also individuals federal states analyzed separately.

Dual studies in Germany: Demand and frequent subject groups

Looking at the numbers that always refer to national average is related, it can be stated that proportion of women 45% lies, instead of a double degree ten applications enter and dual students in 2021 s €1,018 per month they were rewarded. The subject group with the largest share of dual students for the winter semester 2019/2020 was as follows:

  1. health sciences (9.6%)
  2. Law and economics (7.8%)
  3. engineering sciences (4.8%)

This roughly corresponds to the range of dual study courses offered: 18.1% of them in 2021 law and economics, 16.3% on health sciences and 16.1% on engineering sciences.

Students and the offer of courses in the dual systemdual studies in Germany, dual studies in Germany - country comparison

It started in 2019 40,575 freshmen while her dual studies 24,390 graduates have completed dual studies. Total in 2019 121,731 students are listed who study dual. It makes you Share 4.2% in the total number of students in Germany.

All in all, The percentage of the two course offer for a whole range of courses in Germany 9.6% (from 2021). Area share Bachelor degree offer WITH 18.1% significantly higher than the share of only dual degree programs 2.8% in main area.

Dual studies in Germany: A country comparison

Share of women, average applications and average salaries compared to countries

Share on women studying dual studies is with 70% highest in Bremenfollowed Thuringia (60%) and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (56%). Worst cut Saxony (38%), Saxony-Anhalt (32%) and Schleswig-Holstein (32%) away.

Number average applications for dual study place and average compensation it’s not always related. Come on then Hamburg for example 25 applications for a dual study place. That’s a national record. Nevertheless, such an average study place €859 in Hamburg rather poorly paid in the national comparison. However, this can undermine it Saarland WITH Monthly reward €627 dual study places there are the lowest paid nationally. Completely different Hesse: there students with an average salary €1,115 calculate. Come with me 20 applications twice as many applications for a place in a dual degree than the national average. There is less demand for places for dual studies Brandenburg and Saxonythere, apply for a place in a dual studio only five people.

Subject groups in comparison of countries

dual studies in Germany, dual studies in Germany - country comparison

In addition to the already mentioned subject groups health sciences, Law and economics and engineering sciences There are subject groups in individual federal states Agricultural, forestry sciences (in Bavaria, Berlin, Brandenburg, Bremen, Hesse, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, NRW, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saxony) and Mathematics and natural sciences (in Saxony-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein) in the top 3 most common dual courses. In relation to the subject groups with the largest share of dual students, the number social and social sciences also in the top 3 in the federal states of Brandenburg, Hesse, Saarland and Thuringia.

Are you interested in a double degree? Here is one current overview of dual study vacancies.

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