Dual studies 2022 - what must change?

Dual studies 2022 – what must change?

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That Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has studies commissioned Center for the Development of Higher Education (CHE) and Research Institute for Business Education (f-bb) in a given period October 2020 to January 2022 was carried out and deals with the question: Dual study program 2022 – what needs to change? The survey was in form national surveys based more quantitative like qualitative research methods and with inclusion secondary data conducted and resolved The potential to improve dual studies in Germany.

Current status – what’s going well?

The dual study program in Germany is financed from a total of students, Study managers like company representatives most positive rated. This rating is based on a diverse range of courses as Linking theory and practicewhich compared to a classical study increased practical importance exhibit.

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The dual course is characterized by a high proportion of practical work. (Image credit: © WavebreakMediaMicro for stock.adobe.com)

Company representatives also benefit from this early and promising employee retention of dual students to the respective company. Dual students hope to a great extent prospects for a successful career and I already appreciate it professional experience during the coursewith being able to collect. If you are interested in Current data on dual studies in Germany – regarding frequently requested industry groupsof proportion of women or compensation dual studies – recommended blog post Dual studies in Germany – country comparison.

Dual study program 2022 – what needs to change in terms of the legal framework?

and Laws and Regulationswhich relate to dual studies country thing. So there is one great variety to regional regulations that sometimes the outdated concept of dual studies base. It is therefore often assumed that dual degree programs are a combination of study and vocational training, when in fact there are more and more variants of dual degree programs that allow this. Study combined with longer practical phases is happening

Circumstance heterogeneity it not only affects the laws regarding dual studies in Germany, but also the corresponding ones Contracts between students and practice partners. There should be an adjustment here unification contract types or at least according to Provision of model contracts, uncertainty on the student side solves.

Dual studies 2022 – What needs to change in terms of connecting theory and practice?

Study leader and company representatives it often stands in the evaluation of the link between theory and practice on the contrary opposite. University representatives are increasingly complaining about this passivity and insufficient inputs from companieswhile these universities are once Lack of practical relevance of the study content blame The study also concluded that a regular review of course content to ensure it is up-to-date is required. In addition, it should especially Awareness of the double master’s degree be increased because they are in a dual form compared to bachelor’s degree programs less attention kept in the public eye.

Dual studies in 2022 – what needs to change in the situation of students?

and dropout rate in a dual studio under 5% extremely low. Still, dual students criticize double load dual studies lack of recovery period. The fact that 34.3% respondents in the practical and theoretical part live in different places. Here, companies can through Provision of official accommodation and Provision of prorated travel expenses make a relieving contribution. Likewise, the achievements of digitization with possibility home Office and Online lectures an alternative to the daily commute.

Dual studies - what needs to change?

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Dual studies 2022 – What needs to change in terms of transparency and diversity?

Dual studies 2022 – What needs to change in terms of transparency?

The dual study program in Germany has a The problem of transparency and information. and Variety models and offers does not make it easier for those interested in studying suitable course offers find. In addition, there is a information deficit. Information on dual studies should therefore be processed in an improved form – can also be specific here personal and customized studies and career counseling be purposeful.

Dual studies 2022 – What needs to change in terms of diversity?

One diverse composition of dual students may be desirable diversification of companies contribute. However, the study reveals this 97.9% of dual students surveyed have German as their mother tongue and the proportion of people with a migration background is low. They have too 70.2% of the parents of the surveyed students have completed an apprenticeship or even a higher professional qualification. Informational offers should therefore be aimed mainly at people educationally disadvantaged parents and potential students migration background be coordinated to promote diversity in the field of dual study.

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