Culture in Basel: Calendar of events and information platform

Culture in Basel: Calendar of events and information platform

There’s a lot of culture in Basel – here are a few platforms to give you an overview (Image: Vincent Ghilione/Unsplash).

With the end of the coronavirus measures, cultural life in the city of Basel began to flourish again. Regardless of whether you are interested in art, music or slam poetry – there is sure to be an event to suit your taste somewhere in Basel. Below is an overview of platforms where you can find out about upcoming events.

Basel’s cultural history is diverse, as are the many events that take place in the city. But what happens when – and where? There are countless online platforms where you can find out about upcoming events. Here is a small selection:

  • Calendar of events from Basel Live: Basel Live is an information platform about events in the city of Basel. In the events calendar, you will find current events at different locations for each day. You can filter by exit, concerts, sports or arts and culture and you will find a description of each event.
  • Ron Orp Basel: Ron Orp provides you with daily information on the happenings in Basel on the website and through the newsletter. Whether it’s a concert, art, party, food, drink, shopping, film – whatever is happening in the city of Basel will be delivered to your mailbox. Ron’s motto: The main thing is to be inspiring and surprising.
  • Calendar of events at the University of Basel: If you are interested in public lectures, symposia or presentations at the University of Basel, you will find what you are looking for in the events calendar. Topics range from society and culture, medicine and health, nature and technology. Psychology, Theology and Religion and Economics and Law.
  • SLAM Basel: Those interested in verbal acrobatics in the form of poetry slams will have a great time at SLAM Basel. You can find all the upcoming slams at various locations in the calendar.
  • barracks: Kaserne Basel is the largest center for the free scene of contemporary theatre, dance and performance, as well as for innovative popular music in northwestern Switzerland. Around 270 events take place there annually, which are listed in the barracks schedule.
  • Partere One Music: Parterre One Music focuses on concerts and small theater events. However, the program also includes readings and comedy. Concerts range from singer-songwriters to electro, world, indie, folk, pop, jazz and classical music.
  • quarter: In Dreispitz, gastronomy, culture and nightlife come together. In the club you can visit various events with mostly electronic music. In summer, poetry slams, daily dances, comedy and salsa are held on the roof.
  • Basel Museums: On rainy days or just because of it, Basel offers a great selection of exhibitions with almost 40 museums. From art to design and culture, there’s something for everyone. You can get inspired on the Basel Tourism website.

Culture in Basel – who cares about it?

The Department of Culture of the Canton of Basel-Stadt, which is responsible for the implementation of the cultural policy of the Government Council, is committed to promoting cultural life and vibrant culture. The aim is to strengthen the Basel region as a cultural center with a diverse and varied cultural scene. It is important both to protect cultural heritage and to support new cultural development.

The Basel-Stadt Ministry of Culture supports projects in the fields of fine arts, film and media arts, youth culture, cultural heritage, literature and libraries, museums, music, dance and theater as well as the Basel Zoo. Those interested in the activities of the department of culture are advised by Isabel Drews, head of the culture and museums communication department, to look at annual reports department. Also found on Website Lots of information – also about the exciting cultural history of the city of Basel.

The building of a paper mill and the beginning of paper production (1433), the founding of the first university in Switzerland (1460) or the opening of the first museum on Augustinergasse (1849) are important testimonies of Basel’s cultural history. But the promotion of non-institutional artistic creation also began early in Basel. Kunstkredit Basel-Stadt to support visual artists working in the region has existed since 1919. The barracks area has served artistic purposes since the 1970s and Art Basel has also been held here since that decade.

Fondation Beyeler, which has been in existence since 1997, is now the most visited art museum in Switzerland. Last but not least, the university with humanities and cultural sciences, the music academy and the college of design and art contribute to the education of young artists and the artistic innovation of the city.

where you find your culture

Of course, this list is by no means exhaustive. So let’s gather more platforms and places together in the comments of this post!

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