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To more and more publicationdealing with Teaching design in universities the deal is talking about option a A mixed university. But what does this term actually mean? This post addresses the question Blended University – what is it?

Blended University – what is it?

Publications like those from CHE, deal with the concept of a blended university. Concepts play a role here digitization and the university of the future essential role. Especially in context corona crisis have digital learning formats it inevitably determines everyday university life. This raises the question of how much higher education too after the coronavirus pandemic on digital space can or should be postponed.

Blended University - what is it?, Blended University - what is it?

The concept A mixed university offers one access for solving the possibilities of digital education. The Blended University brings together namely digital and analog teaching. That’s how In the Blended University takes place synchronous learning alongside asynchronous Learn instead of. This leads to one Maximizing flexibility both for students and teachers. There are more and more voices claiming to be clean Face-to-face teaching is no longer relevant be. The options of a mixed university can do this medicine create.

A new strategy is needed

But you have to study holistic think. CEO of CHE Prof. Dr. Frank Ziegele it turns out that studying also always service means plus one social experience Yippee. Incorporating digital learning can service aspects don’t neglect your studies. Have to Contact person be available online and offline, students are on their side. They must be consistent meeting places, social exchange between students and between students and teachers.

Vocational training during the coronavirus crisis

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There are bricks according to that agreements between administration, teaching and student representatives needed to get one overall strategy Develop. and Offers in any case it would have to be coordinated to be it organizational errors possible avoid will. Although it can be assumed that in transition phase likely to lead to an increased number of scheduling errors. In part, this transitional phase should end at some point carried out during the corona pandemic have.

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