Between streams and trees: a visit to Freiburg im Breisgau

Between streams and trees: a visit to Freiburg im Breisgau

Freiburg is doing a lot for the environment: In addition to the well-known “Bächle”, the entire street is being greened (Image: Saskia Durisch).

It’s early summer and the good weather and long days are perfect for a trip to the city. That’s why I went with my backpack and suitcase to Freiburg im Breisgau for the weekend to feel the pulse of this city and test the sustainable offers. If you still have time for an eco-friendly trip to the city this summer, here are some tips for a trip to Freiburg.

The three-day city trip starts with a little surprise: As usual, I board the train in Basel with my companion. In Switzerland, masks are no longer mandatory in public transport. That’s why I left the masks at home today.

Shortly before the border, there was a rude awakening by the train’s announcement: “Dear passengers. You are now on German state property. In Germany, there is a general obligation to wear masks on public transport, so wearing masks is essential. » Fortunately, after a few tours, a passenger helps us.

Arrival in Fribourg

After a fun train ride, we arrive at our destination in the sweltering midday heat. First we want to go to our hotel. The most ecological way to get to your accommodation is on foot. In our case, it required half an hour of leisurely walking: always looking for shade. In the first few minutes, this walk gives us a little insight into everyday life in this still unknown city. The anticipation of exploring the old city and monuments is increasing.

The old town of Freiburg is tangible: even the sights are presented in Braille for the visually impaired (Image: Saskia Durisch).

Personal insider tips

To get off to a great start, here are some culinary and cultural tips:

The cafe is just outside the old town “Dear Little”. On Sundays, they serve a delicious brunch there. Also nearby is the excellent Asian Fusion restaurant Das “Unkai”. Sushi lovers will especially enjoy it there. If you want to learn more about Freiburg and its culture, it’s worth attending an event. Here you would be for example Front building – culture in the factory or in Theater Fribourg repair.

striving for sustainability

After a short search on the city’s website, I realized the great commitment of the people of Freiburg to a more sustainable city. The city is trying to cover many areas of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with a wide range of projects. From the targeted shading of isolated streets to cool the city down to the creation of wet habitats, small bodies of water and wet meadows: Freiburg is trying hard to do something for the environment. Every newborn child in Freiburg also gets a birth tree.

City tour along the small «Bächle»

Perfect for refreshing while refreshing: the city’s “Bächle” cool your feet (Image: Saskia Durisch).

What catches your eye when visiting Freiburg are their small streams. They are a symbol of the city and provide a quick way to cool your feet with refreshing water. There is also no shortage of trees in and around the city: the city is surrounded by nature: on one side the Schlossberg, which rises directly behind the old town and also offers a wonderful view of the city. On the other side, the Dreisam flows right next to Freiburg.

Sustainable shopping tourists will also benefit. There are a number of stores that offer sustainably produced clothing, such as d’antunes, there! or fuel. Those more interested in history and architecture will find one hand in Münster or in Augustinian monastery some interesting finds. On a trip to Freiburg, many people look at what they are interested in, because the city is very diverse and original.

Saskia Durish

Saskia Durish

Curious about life and impartial: Saskia tries to stay true to this motto. In addition to the fascinating lectures on biology, he also enjoys quiet hours in the garden or cools off by swimming in the estuary. Getting to the bottom of the small and big miracles of life and sharing them in writing is her passion. In addition, he experiences the normal everyday life of a young adult with many interests. The garden or cooking in the student residence, hiking in Graubünden or dancing and partying at festivals: Saskia likes to be a part of everything and is rarely bored.

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