Avoid procrastination during online courses

Avoid procrastination during online courses

Just consider how many memes are created and shared about procrastination to know that it’s a pretty prevalent problem for most people. But why do you procrastinate and how can you overcome the tendency to put things off until you’re so anxious and frantic that have do your schoolwork?

Excel High School’s self-paced programs are a great opportunity for students to live life to the fullest while still working on their classes online. But we saw a lot of students trying to find the motivation to start their coursework and meet their deadlines. We have helpful information on why we procrastinate and what you can do to reverse the habit.

Check your thinking

First of all, it is important to forgive yourself for procrastinating in the past. If you are looking for ways to overcome this behavior, then this is a step in the right direction. Celebrate this first step!

Another thing to think about is why are you procrastinating in the future? Some people procrastinate because the work they’re doing isn’t really fun, and there are plenty of other things you’d rather be doing. This is quite normal human behavior! So don’t get too worked up about it.

Sometimes you find yourself procrastinating because you want to do the task perfectly, so you go around and around avoiding the task because you don’t want to make a mistake. Remember, learning is dirty! It’s okay not to do everything perfectly, and you’ll never reach any level of learning unless you put in the effort and start.

Another problem is if you are struggling with ADHD symptoms. Students with ADHD may struggle with which task to begin with. This is something that a lot of people have struggled with, so acknowledging this is a great way to start addressing this issue.

Find reasons not to procrastinate

One thing you can do to avoid procrastination is to sit down and list ways that not procrastinating can help you. How will you feel when you get down to work right away? You’ll probably feel better than sitting up late into the night worrying about yesterday’s assignment! Realizing what your personal benefits are right away when you start working can help motivate you.

Some cases of procrastination start because we didn’t set manageable goals for ourselves. One thing you can do to avoid procrastination is to set a few small, doable goals instead of big ones that seem overwhelming. Break your hours into manageable chunks and celebrate by rewarding yourself in some way when you reach these smaller goals. Small goals are not less important than big ones! Each small goal contributes to the completion of larger tasks.

Be active in your courses

Being in an online classroom can feel isolated. No! You have a group of people who are rooting for you and ready to support you on your academic journey. Your instructors want to hear from you and we deliver opportunities for students to connect such as a conversation club for middle schoolers and a high school hangout for seniors. Being involved in your school and interacting with your instructors and peers is a great way to stay active in your learning.

Sometimes the root of procrastination is incomplete understanding of the lesson. Don’t wait to ask for help. Contact your instructors, and if that’s not enough, our full-time students have access to one-on-one online tutoring via train the brain. Using this service, which is part of your education, can help you feel more confident about your assignments.

Another way to make sure you are engaging with your coursework is to take notes and interact with those notes. View your notes daily or weekly, whichever works best for your schedule. If you’re happy with the notes you’ve written, you’ll be better prepared to tackle whatever work lies ahead.

Talking about what you’re learning with friends and family is another great way to stay active in your academics. When your parent or guardian asks what you’re studying, instead of shrugging and grunting, tell them! Talk about what you’re learning: you might end up teaching them something they never knew or completely forgot about, and you’ll also feel more comfortable in the work you’re doing.

Ask for check-in

This can be difficult! You want to be independent, but let’s be realistic. If you struggle with procrastination and you have people who love you and care about you and are willing to support you, let them! You can ask friends or family members to help keep you accountable to the plan. Sit down with them, set a plan with these important small, measurable and manageable goals and let them help you achieve them.

Not only will this help you break the hold that procrastination has on you, but it will also build an important and strong bond with people who help you stay accountable. Human beings need each other, so allow others to be a positive influence on you. You won’t regret learning how to get help when you need it.

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