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Authoritarian parenting style: characteristics and consequences

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Many different parenting styles are prevalent in today’s population. One that has been by far the most prevalent in the past is authoritarian parenting. What exactly does that mean? How good is this parenting style? what are the consequences?


The authoritarian parenting style is one of the first parenting styles introduced in social psychology has been defined. In the past, authoritarian parenting was considered normal, and therefore it was enlarged.

An authoritarian parenting style is characterized by a strong hierarchical arrangement formed in the family. They are upstairs parents or educators. they provide Strict rules up, exercise management out, punish misconduct and have them sole decision-making authority in all areas of life. At the same time, educators High demands to the child who must satisfy them.

The child must follow these instructions and rules of the parents because contradictions or interrogate them is not tolerated, just as the child’s opinion is not taken into account. If the child is still fighting back in the eyes of the parents, he behaves inappropriately or does not meet the parents’ requirements Punish are used which may or may not physically fail as well. With the right behavior, even parents can do it Praise pronounce.

That parent-child relationship is more likely in an authoritarian parenting style cold. Closeness and affection are shown less often or not at all because the tone tends to be rougher. As a rule, the recognition of the parents is only received by the child when he meets the high expectations of the parents.

In addition to the children’s opinions, there are also theirs needs parents think little of this style of parenting. They follow their rules and requirements Own ideaswithout giving the child a word.

effects and consequences

As already mentioned, the authoritarian parenting style is the most widespread in the long term. Almost all children used to grow up with this parenting style. That has now changed changed, to which numerous studies on the consequences of parenting style may have contributed, since these were largely negative. A child always knows how it is behave like parents and what offense for a result but the negative consequences still exist.

One of the main consequences of an authoritarian parenting style is that children hardly any healthy self-esteem can evolve. Because children receive strict and rigid rules from their parents that they must follow without questioning them or being able to express their own opinions, they also have Few opportunities and room for development. This is causing them trouble own experience collect and one own personality train. This in turn has a negative effect on children’s self-esteem, which cannot develop positively.

This low self-esteem can manifest itself in different behavior express. Either it can be the case that children even in adulthood and in being with others and submissive role take a dependent on instructions from others they are. So you can little independent be and retire. On the other hand, it can also be expressed by the fact that children, even if they are adults, aggressive, irritable and emphatically dominant deal with others and with oneself bad at submitting or want to

In any case, an authoritarian parenting style can influence social relations affect the child and continue into adulthood. and social competence therefore also be affected.

Also Individuality, creativity and spontaneity of a child can be negatively affected by the parenting style, which also seems to be caused by a lack of opportunities for self-development.

Emotional support and attention, which is often lacking, as well as the aspects already mentioned, can affect the child even later in life. mental illness developed. Obsessive-compulsive disorders, sadistic or paranoid behavior are often mentioned in this context. An increased risk of suicide and more frequent eating disorders are also mentioned.

So an authoritarian parenting style can various negative consequences and influence children. How parenting style it really affects the child, it depends, on the one hand, on the specific child and his nature, but on the other hand, also on how strongly authoritative the parents actually are in raising them and how other people behave in the children’s lives who also take on an educational role in their lives (educators, teachers, grandparents, etc.) .). There are also other factors that play a role in the final outcome of parenting behavior.

Practice parents in some situations more authoritative upbringing out, that’s it not bad at all. This is how children have to stand up again and again in life subordinate to the authorities. In some situations, it can necessary and/or useful to be authoritarian and consistent. However, parents should Relatively proceed with the best interest of the child in mind.


Authoritarian parenting style used to be widespread. It is characterized by a clear hierarchy in which parents are at the top with sole decision-making power. High demands, clear rules and punishments for misdemeanors are characteristic. That The child has nothing to say and must follow the rules. This style of parenting can various negative consequences for the child and his further life. Self-esteem is negatively affected, social skills suffer, as do individuality, spontaneity and creativity. It can also increase the risk of developing a mental disorder. However, authoritarian behavior exists it is not automatically rejected, because they are useful and necessary in some situations. However, parents should strike a balance and act appropriately. The best interests of the child, including their needs, opinions and wishes, should not be lost sight of.

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