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The upcoming assessment center makes many applicants nervous. Training in typical assessment center exercises can be useful for preparation and reducing nervousness. What are the typical exercises in the assessment center? How it looks? How can these at Training in the Assessment Center Support, support?

Overview of possible exercises in the assessment center

Assessment centers are often used by companies when recruiting new employees, but also for internal evaluations regarding promotion or promotion possibilities. Participants must various tasks and exercises traverse which also refers to several days can extend. They are from there observers assess and evaluate. Many people come into contact with such an assessment center at least once in their lifetime. The nervousness, uncertainty and fear of something like this is often great, because many are not clear about what exactly awaits them.

In general, the assessment center is about personality get to know and assess applicants better. for this social but also technical skills tested and also stress resistance is put to the test. It is therefore important to prepare for such an assessment center. The first step can be to familiarize yourself with various typical exercises in the assessment center so that you get a feel for them and are not completely overwhelmed by the actual exercises. However, if this is not enough for you, you can use the so-called Training in the Assessment Center a good opportunity to prepare for it more intensively.

Various types of exercises are common in assessment centers. These include Individual and group exercises, as well as presentations and tests. These different types of assessment center exercises are discussed below and typical tasks are given.

Individual exercises in the assessment center

There are various exercises in the assessment center which are typical individual exercises. Especially typical for the beginning and entry is Introduction/self-presentation.

  1. Introduction/self-presentation
    There are several ways this can happen. On the one hand, the idea may already be in group co-participants are taking place, but also in one on one. The task is usually introduce yourself and your career portray. The pitch usually includes a short personal introduction about you and your previous career. This lecture can be prepared and rehearsed in advance. In doing so, an attempt should be made authentic stay but still sure individuality bring and yourself rhetorical strong express. It also makes sense to specifically focus on that company and the one to be fulfilled Work and to make it clear what skills a person has already acquired for this. This is usually the examiners’ first impression of the participants, and a distinctive presentation that stands out from the crowd is more likely to be remembered. The performance can usually take around 5 to 15 minutes.
  2. Conversation
    Another frequent task is classics Conversation. at the interview Questions about the person, the career and also about your own goals laid down so that a person’s motivation can be recorded and a person’s social fit can be assessed. It’s all about your own Assessment the person involved and its persons motivation and willingness to perform. Therefore, the answer should be as authentic as possible. However, it is also an advantage to do detailed research in advance about the company and the position being filled, so that you can answer as confidently as possible and not be caught “on the wrong foot”. However, be prepared for unpleasant personal questions, such as Successes and failures, strengths and weaknesses or possible gaps in the CV. You should also be prepared for this and base your statements as much as possible on experience and Examples in practice and from practice Take. The interview can usually last 20 to 30 minutes.
  3. mailbox exercise
    One of the most classic exercises of the assessment center is the so-called mailbox exercise. In this exercise, the participant must prioritize various documents within a strict time frame. For example, there may be 10 to 20 emails submitted that need to be reviewed first in a short time frame before they can be prioritized or possibly delegated. These documents may or may not be all professional Be nature, it can too private There must be requirements such as picking up children. Each document usually has its own Terms & Conditions, such as a dependency on another document or a fixed deadline, some of which may overlap and need to be taken into account. In addition, there may be more requirements from outside during this process, such as incoming phone calls. The whole exercise usually takes about an hour. It should be used for testing stress resistance, Working method and organizationas determination, endurance, concentration and analytical thinking.
  4. a role playing game
    It also points in a similar direction a role playing game as one of the assessment center exercises. This will be an interview in twos or threes simulated which usually resembles a conversation which also part of the requirements for the advertised position Yippee. For example, it can be a Employee, sales or complaint meeting act. Discussions are usually difficult and with some obstacles designed to have the ability to resolve conflicts communication skills, leadership skills and also stress resistance can be tested. Such a role-playing game usually lasts 10 to 30 minutes, and participants usually have a maximum of 15 minutes to prepare.

If you’re applying for a position that requires a lot of written communication, you may also a essay be written on a specific topic. It is mainly on expressiveness respect for the person, both in writing and verbally. So you need to pay attention Spelling and grammar. It is not necessary to write excessively, but what is written should above all be of high quality quality be.

Exercises in the Assessment Center in groups

  1. Group discussion
    In addition to individual exercises, the classic exercises in the assessment center also include group exercises. There is one classic here Group discussion on the given topic. In some cases, the views to be represented are also given to the people. In any case, this is about language expression on, as well as on critical ability and in this context as well objectivity, social competence I am together with the other participants who the power of persuasion and logic from his own reasoning Way of thinking and also teamwork.
  2. construction exercise
    Another group exercise is construction exercise, which is used primarily, but not exclusively, in technical and engineering professions. The group is equipped with a number of materials (usually paper, scissors, glue) from which they can unite in a limited time (20-60 minutes). a given subject or object (like a tower) create must. It may happen that two groups are to perform this task at the same time and compete against each other. Here it is again teamwork in the foreground, but also conflict ability and leadership skills play the role again, as well as organization of work, creativity and Solution/result orientation.

Presentation in AC

Presentations can also be part of the exercises in the assessment center. In addition to the already presented presentation or self-presentation, there are a number of other possible presentations. For example, self-presentation can be modified in various ways.

  1. Partner or group presentation
    Therefore, introduced other people and another person will introduce you. There is perception and Memory tested but also social competence and empathy. The task that is often set is the so-called Case study or case study, solve individually or in pairs. In this case, participants must specific and complex professional problem situations enter and for that a possible solution based on the amount of information provided. The developed possible solutions are then usually used in presentation presented or in written form detained and released. This is about existence expertise, analytic and solution oriented Thinkas well as around endurance and a quick one perception. The emphasis is on access problem and ways to possible solutions in order to better understand the working methods of the participants.
  2. Presentation of an assigned or independently chosen topic
    Another type of presentation is Presentation of an assigned or independently chosen topic. Depending on what exactly is to be tested, the participants have 3 to 20 minutes to prepare the presentation. This is not about my own opinions, but about factual information and the facts. Again, this can change stress resistance and a quick one perception to go, as well as around presentation– a media skills and thoroughness Processing the topic.


Exercise in the assessment center can diverse and challenging be. Although the exercises listed here are among the most commonly used, this does not mean that they are always present or that other exercises are not used. However, this idea should come first orientation in preparation for the assessment center. you want more intense it is recommended to prepare for such Training in the Assessment Center. But it has happened several times in recent years critical voiceswho question AC as such.

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