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Police work can be exciting and varied. At the same time, it is also demanding and demanding. When it comes to young people, the police are way ahead as employers. But how does a request to the police in North Rhine-Westphalia work? What do you need to take with you to North Rhine-Westphalia? How is the selection process?


When it comes to applying to the police in North Rhine-Westphalia, the first thing to consider is what requirements applicants should have. Requirements may vary by state, as does the selection process. This article is about the progress in North Rhine-Westphalia.

In order to make a successful application to the police in North Rhine-Westphalia, certain requirements must be met. First of all, it should be noted that in North Rhine-Westphalia only senior civil servants to be formed. Therefore, applicants must too General University Admission Qualification, i.e. Abitur. Eventual Qualifications for admission to a technical college sufficient or one professional qualifications from the point of view of progressive education in accordance with the BBHZVO (Decree on Access to the University of Vocational Education). They usually have to, too 6 years of English courses be submitted or a language test certificate at Level B1.

In addition, applicants must German nationality own or Citizenship of an EU country. Under certain circumstances, applicants of other nationalities may also be accepted. Those interested can go even further not older than 37 years be (exceptions: soldiers, civil/military service, FSJ-/FÖJ-/BFD-ler/innen, people who took care of minor children or a close relative) may no criminal record own and can no proceedings against them run. In addition, both female and male applicants must at least 1.63 meters being big and needing onen Body mass index between 18 and 27.5 have. He should too no debts or liabilities to exist (life in “orderly and economic conditions”) and there must be a Driving license B present, present.

This is also necessary for submitting an application to the police in NRW German sports badge, which is at least in bronze until 01.07. year of recruitment and must not be older than 24 months at this time. They must also complete age-specific endurance exercises.

Also a swimming badge must exist. Something like that can German Lifeguard Badge (Bronze) to be like that gold German swimming badge or by age that gold German youth swimming badge. With regard to the deadlines and age of the document, the same applies as for the sports badge.

Tattoos, piercings and other body jewelry they are not a direct reason for exclusion for applying to the police in NRW. However, it must not increase the risk of injury at work or be extremist, sexist, unconstitutional, radical right-wing or left-wing, humiliating, discriminatory, glorify violence, violate human dignity or disrupt the neutral and constitutional work of the POLICE. No exclusion can be expected for neutral and inconspicuous tattoos and piercings. Body jewelry is examined during a police medical examination.

the course of the procedure

When it comes to applying to the police in NRW, how the application process works is also important. This can also vary depending on the federal state, so the process described here does not apply in general, but for North Rhine-Westphalia. In each of the steps they must certain minimum requirements in order to continue with the application process. It does this both in the PC test and in the assessment center ranking value.

1. Application and first check

First, people sign up online and by mail at police station. You have to do that applications fill in and yours personal documents, such as ID, driver’s license, sports and swimming certificate, tabular CV, etc., fill in and submit. These documents are then checked by the police completeness and fulfillment recruitment criteria controlled. If there are no objections, you will be invited to the first day of the selection process.

2. First selection day (PC test and formal interview)

On the first day of the selection, all invited applicants will meet in Münster at the State Office for Training, Further Education and Personnel Affairs in North Rhine-Westphalia (LAFP NRW). This is where the PC test and formal interview take place.

In which PC test will be inside 2 hours they tested different areas. That’s on the test bench Memory, retention, analytical skills, written communication skills and learning ability. These are based on various working groups tested. This includes spelling, punctuation, verbal analogies, logical deductions, number symbols and much more. The test takes place under time pressure and is demanding, therefore a good preparation important is. You can find suitable ones for preparation in bookstores technical literature, which also explains more about the tasks. You can also find online tests and tips for the PC test.

In which formal speech the same day, it is about open questionsas well as any existing Tattoos, piercings or ongoing procedureswhich must be uncovered here.

After this interview, applicants will receive it The result of their PC test. If you do NOT sell, you will be disqualified from the competition. However, you can apply again for the next year. It was a test he passedis due on the same day another computer test on aspects of health protection at work take into account. The emphasis here is on the ability to concentrate, the ability to manage stress, reaction speed, orientation and attention.

3. Initiation of the second phase of the application and pre-selection

If the first day of selection was successful, the second phase of applying to the police in North Rhine-Westphalia follows. He has to for this other application forms completed and submitted on time.

All submitted applications will then be completeness checked and additional documents requested if necessary. If all documents are available and the formal requirements are met, you will be invited to the assessment center.

4. Assessment Center

TO assessment center (AC) suitable candidates will be invited by the recruiting or training authority where they will also complete the AC, which will be decided depending on the place of residence. AC is about communication and social skills test applicants.

in one first role becomes a conflicting speech transformed, which can also occur during everyday work with the police. The first role lasts about five minutes.

Then lecture are held on current day-to-day topics that should last five minutes. Candidates have 15 minutes to prepare. After the presentation, two questions will be asked.

Following the second roleplay should in one Head of Police Directorate a game where candidates are supposed to work on written documents and at the same time have to respond to phone calls.

Finally, a Conversation, comparable to a “normal” job interview. It is about general school and possibly professional development, personal motivation to want to go to the police and others.

At the end of the day, applicants will receive information about as they cut off. From one Rank value 85 whether they have met the minimum requirements and will be notified. If you have not already been invited to undergo a police medical examination, you will be invited to do so now.

5. Police medical examination

Depending on the applicant’s situation, a police medical examination before or after AC to act. This is one medical examination, which is to determine suitability for the police and which takes place in Münster. It’s about that vision (up to the age of 20, at least 50 percent residual visual acuity in each eye, from the age of 20 at least 30 percent, without color vision impairment, etc.), das hearing and physical endurance (determined by ECG). Addition, height and BMI determined. Finally, the police doctor will perform the examination. Additional examinations by a specialist may be necessary.

6. After selection

If all previous steps have been successfully completed, applicants will be shortlisted. Here it will be again all documents checked and any missing required. How high an applicant’s chances of a successful application to the police in NRW can be seen based on their achievements ranking value estimate. These are summarized in a list of all applicants and provide information about them who Work the respective applicant is compared with others. On The NRW police side for the request, Applicants can enter their value and get information about their current position from March of that year. Along with information about how many people are accepted, they can estimate their chances of acceptance assess. In general, a higher value also guarantees better opportunities, as filled positions are filled from “top” to “bottom”. This completes the application to the police in North Rhine-Westphalia and nothing stands in the way of hiring.

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