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An Australian start-up wants to grow crocodile meat in test tubes

Test-tube meat is still considered a fringe phenomenon and does not have state approval. However, this could change in the next eight to ten years. Australian start-up vox he goes one step further and wants to raise exotic varieties – including crocodile and alpaca meat.

To mitigate the long-term effects of climate change, we need to change several things in our daily lives. In addition to the transition to sustainable transport, our eating habits are a part of our lives that we can influence. Cutting back on meat and switching to a vegetarian diet could make a huge difference positive effect on our climate have.

But there are always people who simply cannot imagine doing without meat. There are solutions for this too, such as switching to sustainable meat alternatives.

However, if you don’t like sliced ​​soy or bean patties, you might get a taste for test tube meat. Analysts believe that by 2030, up to 0.5 percent of all meat products will come from a lab, and sales could reach $25 billion.

Alpaca and crocodile cells ensure a unique taste

Australian company swear off food would even want to when it comes to meat alternatives think further. Current methods of growing meat are usually very expensive and generate almost no margins. With new approaches and technologies, products based on 22 species, including alpaca and crocodile, are to be created.

The first product called “Morsel” was introduced in May and is currently only awaiting approval by the authorities. If all goes according to plan, customers in Singapore will be able to enjoy the meat substitute by the end of the year.

The recipe and ingredients remain secret at first. However, the taste should resemble and feel like roast chicken.

Americans are tasting farm-raised meat products

This is indicated by a study from the USAthat 71 percent of adults polled in the country would try farm-raised meat. 49 percent are even willing to pay extra for an alternative.

For companies like Vow Food, these results are a good motivation to offer a corresponding product. Initially, the idea is not to replace classic meat products, but rather to present an alternative to buyers.

After entering the market, of course, it must first be determined whether the production of exotic, cultivated meat varieties is worthwhile and whether it can be expanded.

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