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Amazon Prime turns the price screw and makes it significantly more expensive

Amazon Prime will significantly increase its prices in Germany from mid-September 2022. The change will affect new and existing customers, and it should primarily concern users streaming service Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Prime has successfully established itself in Germany since its launch in 2007. But not only better shipping conditions should inspire customers to become members.

Since 2014, Amazon has also operated its Prime Video streaming service under the Prime banner. There’s also a music streaming service, and Prime Day regularly sets bargain hunters aflutter.

Until now, all of this was available for €7.99 per month or €69 per year. The American concern has now announced that it will significantly tighten the price screws in Germany.

How much will Amazon Prime cost from September?

The news of the price change didn’t necessarily make the morning for many Prime users sweeter. Amazon sent the news about the new pricing structure to its members by email on Tuesday evening.

The Prime membership fee will therefore increase from 7.99 euros to 8.99 euros with a monthly payment from September 15. For customers with an annual subscription, the price increases from €69.00 to €89.90.

The change will only affect existing customers and new members on or after September 15th.

Amazon Prime price increases at first glance:

Premium membership with monthly payment: from 7.99 euros to 8.99 euros
Premium membership with annual payment: from 69.00 euros to 89.90 euros

Why is Amazon raising prices?

The delivery company already significantly raised prices in the US in February. Here, the annual fee has increased from $119.00 to $139.00. Therefore, the price increase for Prime membership should not come as a surprise to many.

Because rival Netflix also announced price increases for the UK and Ireland markets in March. Amazon justifies the price change as “general and significant changes in costs due to inflation”.

These result in an increase in the cost of Prime in your country and are based on external circumstances beyond our control.

Do Prime members have to accept the price increase?

In its email to Prime members, Amazon points out that they can also opt out of the price change. Of course, this is only possible by canceling the subscription.

Prime members can use their subscription within 30 days for free after receiving the email stop. The membership will then continue until the end of the current payment period.

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