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There is one important new one trend in the field of personnel management: on analytical programs based on artificial intelligence (AI).. of Atlas of Digital Work dealt with the phenomenon AI software in human resources dealt with in more detail.

How is AI used in human resource management?

AI-based tracking analysis programs personal data of employees companies and can, for example, make statements regarding them productivity Meeting. Appropriate software can descriptive so descriptive or predictive so act with foresight. On the one hand, personal data that can be included in such an analysis personal data employees (e.g. gender, age, remuneration, etc.), but also on the other hand activity data such as the number of emails received or sent, the length of phone calls made or the number of overtime hours worked. AI software in HR is therefore diverse and includes a large amount of partially heterogeneous data.

Benefits of AI software in HR

The manufacturers of the relevant software advertise the options Process Optimization. abnormalities individual employees could be detected more quickly so stress and overwork faster bend over it could happen. Additionally, detected by the software, systematically disadvantaged groups over targeted training get support. Applications are also considered a warranty equity and diversity to look at it without prejudices decide.

Risks of AI Software in Human Resources

As nice as the promises of using AI in HR sound, the reality is mixed problems in the use of appropriate software. Because even if The software is fundamentally neutral Yippee, is studying the suitable one algorithm AI based on records, which often aren’t. An example can be Reuters report about Amazons AI-based software in 2014 to hire new employees. AI AMZN.0. should applications based on a five-star system rate. as database served applications, over the past ten years leading up to recruitment. Since this time, however more men they were hired learned software systematically devalue applications from women. This example shows that HR analytics software with Attention it is to be enjoyed.

Outlook: AI software in human resources

Among other things, because employees are using their data and using it to feed into AI software in HR agree must find them by today not yet widely used in Germany. Use today, even if especially above average successful and very well organized companies corresponding software. If the trend were to develop towards a wider application of AI-based software in the field of human resources, this applies under Involvement of works councils regulate. He took the first step in this direction Act on the Modernization of Works Councils enabled until 2021. Because this states that fundamental rights remain unaffected by the use of AI software.

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