Die Koblenzer Studentin Eva-Laura Poth hat 2021 den "Küss nicht den Job-Frosch"-Workshop der Universität Koblenz-Landau besucht. In Gruppen- und Einzelsitzungen konnte sie ihre Selbstwahrnehmung hinterfragen und ihre Kompetenzen und Wünsche beleuchten. Foto: Privat

A clear vision of the future without frog work

Koblenz student Eva-Laura Poth took part in the 2021 “Don’t kiss the job frog” workshop at the University of Koblenz-Landau. In both group and individual sessions, she was able to challenge her self-perception and shed light on her skills and aspirations. Photo: Private

For female students who have not yet found their dream job, there is help: Beim Workshop “Don’t kiss the working frog”. at the University of Koblenz-Landau, participants receive information about their basic personal competences, values ​​and goals and combine them with suitable professional orientation and job prospects. Koblenz Master’s student Eva-Laura Poth took part in the workshop and reports on her experiences in an interview.

Why did you decide to participate?

The workshop found me. Last year’s blow of fate forced me to reorient myself professionally. At that time I was happy to have successfully worked at Ivita gGmbH – outpatient intervention center for people in mental crisis. My work enriched me a lot, but it was just as intense and demanding. When I received a completely unexpected email about the workshop, I didn’t hesitate for long. I always like to call this moment the “space fence wink.” (Laughter)

Have you ever had to kiss the “job frog”?

Yes, by all means. Many people are certainly familiar with situations where you have given up or stayed in a work environment that does not match your own ideas at all. This may be due to an unspoken and widespread obedience to authority or to the fact that one is often unaware of one’s own personal competence. In my case, both were true.

A personal “career mosaic” is to be created at the workshop. What does it mean?

The career mosaic is based on the career dimensions of Richard Nelson Bolles. The method provides information about your personal skill profile. From this, the conditions that are best met in your work can be derived. Together we devise a professional context in which the best possible match can exist. The building blocks that are highlighted are skills, interests, working conditions, values, people, location and salary.

What was your personal highlight during the workshop?

I remember two moments in particular. On the one hand, an interview in which I developed and presented my own vision of myself over the course of five years. On the other hand, the final meeting where I was encouraged and appreciated. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming throughout.

How were the participants personally cared for?

The workshop is divided into group and individual parts. I have found the exchange within the group to be extremely beneficial. At the same time, in my situation at the time, I felt that I was really in good hands with Margarita Engelhardt’s personal support. It was like a protected area. Margarita puts her heart into it and when you talk on Skype you feel like you are in the right place. He takes his time and takes students seriously. I also really appreciate my own work when consultants are approachable. This allows for a completely different approach that is much more authentic.

How much personal commitment does the workshop need?

The workshop is about self-discovery. You should invest time and work for a successful workshop. In the best case, this is expressed by filling in numerous worksheets that form not only the basis, but also accompany the entire development during the workshop. However, with different tasks in mind, there are also options that leave room for your own focus or your own current preferences. The workshop benefits from active participation. After all, that’s what it’s all about: playing an active role in the process of personal professional reorientation.

Who is the workshop intended for and who is not?

It’s largely about personal motivation and whether and how much you can and want to open yourself up to the journey you’re on here with Supervisor Margarita. I can imagine that people who just want to be bombarded with information won’t find it useful here, as there is too much activity required.

Who do you recommend it to?

In any case, I can recommend the workshop to anyone who is interested in knowledge and even a little better love. Because the main focus is on the interior. In this way, not only very personal, unique competences and values, but above all dreams and goals should come to light. If you can and want to open up to it, you can take the first step towards self-awareness and self-esteem with this workshop, which can pay off.

Did the workshop help you with your professional future? What are your insights?

I can and should be authentic. The belief that we always want to present ourselves in the best light can leave people’s heads. The best possible version of yourself should be much more tied to individual authenticity. I feel that my uniqueness can be an asset that is especially welcome in a work context. I feel more confident about my professional future. I have the courage to be myself and advertise in a targeted way. Above all, however, to be able to specifically search for working conditions and working environment, to be allowed to have demands. Because the relationship between employer and employee should be based on reciprocity, especially with regard to values ​​- and not on employees giving themselves unconditionally.

Interview: Elena Panzerer

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