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5 tips to save money in August 2022

The war in Ukraine raises energy prices. However, supply shortages and current inflation are also causing unusually high prices for many products. Therefore, the topic of savings plays an increasingly important role. We have prepared for you five tips on how to save in August 2022.

A number of products are currently significantly more expensive and money costs less. Inflation makes life difficult for many people. Saving money plays an increasingly important role. That’s why every first Monday of the month we present our savings tips that contain the potential of savings in everyday life.

Savings tips: Here’s how to save money in August 2022

1. No matter where the ticket: travel by train for 39.90 euros

With the so-called No matter where the ticket Until 30 June 2023, passengers can take any local or long-distance journey in 2nd class for €39.90 German train sort The ticket is based on cooperation between Deutsche Bahn and the Edeka supermarket chain.

It is available in all participating branches of the Edeka chain. This also includes Budni, Marktkauf, Nah & Gut and Trinkgut. However, in some places the Egal-Wohin ticket is already sold out. However, if necessary, the stock will be increased.

The only catch in the campaign: Participants must convert the reservation code to a classic train ticket at least two days before departure. Additionally, there is only a certain quota for each connection. It is therefore advisable to exchange the Egal-Wohin ticket for a normal ticket as soon as possible.

2. Apple Music free for four months

Apple launched its Apple Music streaming service in 2015. The advantage over the competition is that users can upload their own songs for regular access. This applies, for example, to digitized tapes, CDs or your own songs.

One downside, however, is that Apple Music only offers a relatively small number of audiobooks. However, new customers now have the opportunity to use and try the streaming service via Media Markt for four months for free.

To apply the offer, interested parties must click on Web Media Markt just click “Save Code Now” and authenticate with your Apple ID. Subscription can be canceled at any time. However, if the cancellation is not made at least 24 hours before the expiration date, it is always extended by one month at a cost of ten euros.

3. Hugendubel: €15 train voucher for book donations

Hugendubel in collaboration with German train called for book donations. Who by September 1 in one of 90 participating Hugendubel branches returned books that have been sorted will receive a 15 euro eKupon for domestic travel with Deutsche Bahn as a thank you.

Participants can redeem the coupon both on and in the DB Navigator application. It can be redeemed for ICE, IC/EC tickets starting at €39.90 – also for super saver, saver or flex fares. The voucher can be used for trips from July 1 to September 15.

4. Ticket for 9 euros – only in August 2022

So called 9 euro ticket it goes to the last round. In August, citizens have the last chance to use local and regional transport for a monthly price of new euros German train and other transport companies can use. At the end of the month, the 9-euro ticket expires after a total of three months.

A number of citizens demand the extension of the ticket. Whether there will be a subsequent offer is currently up in the air. Federal and state governments are currently discussing and negotiating alternatives.

Proposals such as an annual ticket for 365 euros or a monthly ticket for 69 euros have already been dropped. Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing expects a decision in late 2022 or early 2023 at the earliest.

5. Deposit account with Consorsbank: Trade securities for one year for free

When it comes to securities trading, Consorsbank is 4.95 euros plus 0.25 percent of the order volume slightly more expensive than the so-called neo-brokers, but new customers can Open a depot in Consorsbank, is currently trading securities for twelve months for free. However, the promotion does not apply to some savings plans and ETFs.

This article contains affiliate links. We receive commissions for some offers. However, they have no influence on the selection of our savings tips.

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