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4 applications for a flexible and balanced daily life

In the series”Home screen!” we feature the home screens of people from the worlds of social media, marketing, media and technology – including app recommendations and tips for everything from to-do lists to little games in between. Today: Miriam Mertens, co-founder and CEO of the Cologne start-up DeepSkill.

Simple and clear and not without reason

Conscious consumption of cell phones and social media is A&O for me. That’s why I not only turned off notifications for all apps, but also intentionally kept my home screen standardized without apps like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

This way I can protect myself from information overload without constantly consuming shredded social media. It really helps me keep my thoughts focused.

Still, I’m not averse to downloading a few additional apps that can be accessed by just swiping to the left and without which I simply couldn’t go about my day-to-day life. What is important for me is that I purposefully seek them out in order to consciously devote myself to them.

Miriam Mertens, co-founder and CEO of Cologne-based startup DeepSkill.

Flexible in everyday life with “teams”

teams (for Android) as one of the most important applications I use gives me the flexibility I need. It’s our main communication platform at DeepSkill, so as a founder with a family, it’s essential for me to be reachable by phone.

If things need to be done quickly, I can react quickly and reply through the mobile app or share news. I also like the ability to create to-do or to-do lists in the app, and of course even more when we can tick off most of it at the end of the week.

Mobile via Kölle with ShareNow

Another super important app for me is Share now (for Android). In a well-connected city like Cologne, you don’t necessarily need a car. If so, ShareNow is a great solution for me that is not only practical but also sustainable.

The app gives me the mobility I need to get from point A to point B. I can get into my car at almost every Veedel in Cologne and get out almost anywhere. A great car sharing concept that I can only recommend.

Deep Skill, Miriam Mertens, home screen

Home screen of Miriam Mertens, co-founder and CEO of Cologne-based startup DeepSkill.

A perfect break with Komoot

Female founders need breaks too. I’ve always been a freedom-loving person and love to travel and explore new places. Best with family in nature.

Therefore Komoot (for Android) one of my favorite apps that turns many a weekend into an experience. Leave the city behind and go into nature. Whether mountain biking or hiking – with Komoot you can find really great “hidden trails” without having to look for long.

happy thinking

My little insider tip for you is the app Event for happiness (for Android). I myself came across the app rather by accident when I was attending an event organized by the Dalai Lama in London. With daily inspiration in the form of news or action tips, I can recommend everyone to start the day with more motivation.

I also like to use the gratitude journal tool from time to time to become more aware of the beautiful things in life after a long day. Despite all the apps that make everyday life easier, at the end of the day I look forward to not having to look at the home screen at all and to spend precious time with my family.

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