Studentin komplett verzweifelt Mein Studium macht mich unglücklich und krank

ᐅ My studies make me unhappy and sick

To feel like you exist, you sacrifice years of well-being by killing yourself with a task. A diploma alone, my lady, will not make you happy. Many will tell you: It depends on the method. For a long time, my friends thought I was a little crazy when I explained to them that studying does not make a person happy, that a high school diploma is not a condition for happiness, and that it can be the other way around.

Studying is an opportunity. They are supposed to lift us up, help us find our way, make us strong people. But who can say that they were stable and fulfilled during their studies? It was quite complicated for me! Today I will talk to you about myself, so that I can better talk about you. Lets go. Desperation in college is not uncommon.

An outcome that makes us happy, not because it makes us a happier person, but because it is the standard we raise in society. Because despite certain advantages, schooling becomes a path of suffering for many. It seems to me that this is because in the coursework and exams we have forgotten the primary goal of education to focus on the result.

I felt like a fraud twice and cheated to get there. It can be deadly wrong, it stuck with me for a long, very long time. I might even rewrite my PhD, this time on impostor syndrome! Completing my journey naturally brought me pride, relief and intense joy. But that didn’t solve my inner problems. My fears and fear of failure were not swept away.

Neither denial nor dramatization

In fact, if you feel this discomfort to varying degrees, it’s better not to be an ostrich. First, because the blues can hide a deeper depression. However, this only applies to a few young people. But it is better to get help in time than to fall into or compensate for addiction to risky behavior, suicidal thoughts, alcoholism. Talk to your doctor, he will put your mind at ease or be able to help you in an appropriate way. We must take this ailment seriously and not deny it.

Then it’s worth understanding these blues beats better just to get to know each other better. It’s not about dramatizing and increasing stress, but about realizing what’s stressing you out, saddening you, or scaring you: college life begins at the end of puberty, a time of transition that can be painful. To understand it better, it already means finding ways that allow you to leave it. Too often it is said that a stroke is quickly behind us and you just have to have fun to get better, by the way are you going to a party on Saturday?

Bad feeling about orientation after high school: experiences

I came out of a complicated year where I was a bit on edge, I stopped going to class, I didn’t know what to do with my life, I was trying to find my place in this world, but because I didn’t leave my house, nothing was happening. After graduating high school, I decided to take a gap year.

Accepting the evidence I had deep within me was the first step. The second was to translate it into university language so that I would know what kind of education I would do well in. Thanks to the help of an educational and consulting company, I was able to do parallel introspective work to successfully accept what I had known since my year: I wanted to be a journalist. I quickly felt that it was going to get stuck. I don’t feel good at university.

Differentiate between burnout, exhaustion and depression during your studies

So burnout is very contextualized, you can get into student burnout with depressive symptoms at the degree level. Burnout is where a person is beside themselves, and this is often experienced through crises. You want to realize your life project by studying, but if you lose the meaning of studying, the whole meaning of life can be questioned.

Sometimes physical or mental exhaustion is confused with burnout, but this type of exhaustion can be solved with sleep, rest, clearing the mind. It is very widespread especially during certain periods of the course, such as exams. Not all situations of exhaustion correspond to burnout.

Burnout, more precisely student burnout, lies much deeper and is associated with a real crisis of meaning, a crisis of identity, that is, a crisis in the broadest sense of the word, and is much rarer than exhaustion. Student burnout This is when a student no longer finds the meaning or path of his studies. The symptoms are very similar to the burnout syndrome, but depression is broader, the burnout syndrome is more thematic and related to the importance of study, its place in life, even at the societal level. How can you organize your daily university life better??

A person suffering from depression tends to isolate themselves

When you’re used to doing everyday activities with your boyfriend, like going to class, running, working out, or going out for drinks at night, and you suddenly realize that the same activities that used to excite him aren’t the least bit interesting to wake him up to.

If you notice that your friend is becoming more and more distant, this is not a sign of dishonesty, do not fall into the trap, maybe he is trying to hide his depression by isolating himself so as not to draw attention to it, but to believe then he needs you, your support and your love

If you notice that your friend is becoming more and more uncomfortable, he may be going through a difficult period in his life, and at the same stage the pain will turn into aggravation. Do not provoke him, do not make the situation worse, rather try to calm the situation down. It is common for depressed adolescents to resort to violence because depression is often associated with violence against themselves and others. Parents often force the child to study.

These changes can manifest in subtle ways, there are things you may notice, like your friend who used to be a very social person starting to distance themselves and turn down invitations they used to accept, and others trying to get a little more recognition. them.
Beware, depression can erase ideas of pleasure, taste and interest in everyday activities.

Why do so many students feel unhappy at university? Conclusion

I won’t talk about the difficulty of finding a job after graduation here, because I was lucky enough to be employed by a company on a trainee contract right after graduation. But I still know the problem.

So if you recognize yourself in what I just described, don’t lose hope: you’ll feel better in a few months. Just be aware of your discomfort and find terms that give rhythm to your life.

Because in summary, your only goal throughout your school life is to advance to the next grade with constant year-by-year progression. And even if you repeat a year, it will only affect one year of your life.

In any case, it can be irrational, it is very difficult to overcome it. Even if you know that there will be a promotion in your work, maybe even a change of company, a change of profession. suddenly you see only one horizon, and that’s forty years from now. Does the iPad still make sense for the university??

What I’m interested in is telling you about this sense of interstellar emptiness that you can feel. While we should see this as a new wave of opportunities coming our way, even though we’re lucky enough to have a job, and sometimes a job we love, well, no, that’s not enough.

The fear of not having professional terms in mind is present. This can certainly be explained by the habit of this training at regular intervals. The school cycle is short, roughly ten months. At the end of these ten months everything starts again and so on until the end of the course. And one day, that’s it, you go to work full time, for forty years.

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