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ᐅ How do you make friends at university?

I know these words can be discouraging if your social life isn’t great or if you’re shy. If I can’t do it even in an environment where it’s so easy, then I have a really big problem. That’s what that little voice in your head might be telling you. Don’t worry, most people’s social life is a matter of luck. Friendships and love stories fall upon them. In this article you will discover tips on how to get ahead of people even if you are shy.

Do you want to make friends while studying? Good news: the student environment is one of the best environments to meet beautiful girls and make friends. You are surrounded by thousands, even tens of thousands of men and women your age who have the same interests and desires as you: to meet people, have fun, grow and graduate.

Understand that confidence leads to success

It goes even further. Self-awareness depends on the specific context. For example, there are guys who like to be friends with girls in clubs, but do not dare to go out on the street. Or on the contrary, there are types who approach you slightly on the street, but do not dare to approach you in the evening. As you can see, it is very specific: context within context. Approach women on the street or approach women in bars or clubs.

I need to get one thing straight: this article is about self-esteem in the social context of making friends, meeting girls, etc. That accuracy alone is a clue: self-esteem depends on context. You can be confident on the soccer field or in a war situation, but petrified when it comes to approaching girls, inviting people to your party, asking for favors from other students, and of course: making friends in college. Make money on the side as a student is also very important.

In short, this is mental advice. Advice to change your old beliefs if necessary is: Confidence is a stable and absolute quality. Some people are confident, some are not. and replace it.

This principle of certainty also applies to proceedings at the university. You can tell me: Yes, but I have a friend who is sure about everything. That is possible. There are people who are generally more comfortable than others, but you’re more likely to see that friend in the same setting over and over again. Take him out of his familiar surroundings and you’ll see his confidence plummet. Fear of exams? This is how you deal with it!

Keep smiling and open up

It is easier to make friends with one person than with a whole group. So you can address a single person in the amphitheater or your TD neighbors. Just name the topic of your course or perhaps propose joint research. Therefore, working with someone can create a universe leading to friendship.

The university includes a large mix of students. That’s why it’s important to take the time to approach people and not disappear under the crowd. You must definitely smile and look around. Eye contact is the first step to making friends. In addition, people who feel good often trust their partners. It’s hard to make friends when you get carried away with talking or blushing.

One of the best ways to make friends in college is to borrow your courses while you grade them on the computer!. This will allow your friends to not always be present in the amphitheater due to illness, dual studies, student work, etc. without being disqualified. Without friends many do not feel comfortable at university.

University is a great opportunity to meet new people and make lasting friendships

Participate in Welcome Week activities! This is where many people meet their friends because people with common interests are likely to participate in the same activities! Whether online or in person, these activities are a great opportunity to meet new people.

Stepping out of your comfort zone and opening up to chatting with new people can be daunting, but it’s always worth it! We’re all in this together, and even though this year may be different, there are probably people out there who want the same thing as you: to make new friends. We have a few tips for you to keep everything in order.

Join the Facebook group! Facebook community groups are a great way to connect with like-minded people who share similar interests. Here’s a suggestion: Gee-Gees Fitness Community, intramural.

Join clubs or groups where you can meet people with similar interests! Our intramural leagues are a great opportunity for sports fans on campus! Intramurals are back up and running with in-person offerings, new safety protocols have been added this fall as well as virtual offerings. dropping out of collegejust because you can’t make friends? Rather not!

founded a study group. It might not be a group session at the library this year, but Microsoft Teams is a great tool for online dating. We all face the challenges of online courses; you are not alone! Don’t be afraid to talk to people! Whatever situation you find yourself in, don’t hesitate to introduce yourself virtually or in person, you never know what it might bring!

Start a conversation with your neighbors in the lecture hall or TD

If you don’t know how to start a conversation, prepare simple messages. For example, you can ask your neighbor to repeat the last sentence you missed, or offer to help him if you feel he has lost his footing.

To do this, you can find out about the different student societies at your university and follow them on social media to find the ones that best suit your inclinations and interests. Again, this first piece of advice may seem obvious, but that’s how students usually make friends!

A great way to add extra lines to your resume! The association wants to democratize access to business and for this purpose organizes conferences, business afterworks or workshops led by professionals. The association organizes clean walks, conferences, follow-ups and numerous environmental activities to raise awareness about climate change.

Once the conversation starts, take the opportunity to liven up the conversation by asking him what majors he’ll be studying during the semester or if he knows of a nice place to have lunch at noon.

What if you don’t know how to make the first move? Remember that most students will be in the same situation as you at the beginning of the year: they don’t know anyone, and most will be more than happy to have someone else make the first move for them.

Join the student union at your university. Joining a student union offers a triple advantage: not only can you invest in your university, improve your CV, but you can also build a circle of friends who will accompany you throughout your university career. Depending on the university where you will study, there are associations for all tastes and for all profiles: humanitarian, sports, political, artistic, cultural associations…

Finding friends while studying: Be helpful to others

How can you have friends if you’re not essential? The duties of friendship are trust, forbearance, and counsel. says one. So do what you can to fulfill your friend duties and we will easily take care of the rest.

Although friendship is not support, a friend is above all someone you can rely on. You must be there for those around you whenever possible. Pay attention to their needs and do your best to be helpful. These are opportunities to build friendships.

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